General English

International Language Center General English Course

Our General English courses are designed for students to practice the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as to improve in areas of vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. We offer courses from beginner to advance level.


To understand aurally most questions, statements, and conversations based on familiar topics, such as home, travel, sport and work.


To handle everyday spoken English expressions with confidence. Able to carry out functions at specific level, to
talk freely on a range of topics to improve vocabulary and expression of speech.


Sufficient comprehension to understand simple texts: messages, short articles, advertisement, formal/informal letters, to improve vocabulary and to understand short discourse on familiar topics.


Sufficient control of writing system to meet basic survival skills: composing short paragraphs, taking simple notes on familiar topics grouped in personal experience. To show evidence of good control of sentence structures and inventory of grammatical areas.


The Conversation course specially concentrates on speaking and listening skills. This course emphasises mainly on ORAL INTERACTION between students and teacher. It provides a lot of practice in developing
communicative functions and strategies and allows students to participate in various speaking activities.

English Course Levels

CEFR Level English Levels Equivalent IELTS Band Equivalent TOEFL iBT Score
Starter Literacy    
A1 Beginner 1-2  
A2 Elementary 3-4 32-42
B1 Pre-Intermediate 4-5 43-61
B2 Upper-Intermediate 5.5-6.5 62-91
C1 Advanced 7-8 92-112
C2 Proficiency 9 113-120


General English

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