Celebrating 35 Years

Delivering Quality Education since 1980

So as we celebrate this landmark of 35 years, we celebrate the vitality of an industry that is designed to make things happen – “educating the community”. We celebrate the talent and dedication of so many teachers and staff members who have inspired us along the way. And, we celebrate what is yet to be seen. We’re blessed to be able to look ahead and continue to dream, because of the foundation we stand on today.

Thanks for being a part of our journey.

Facts about International Language Center:

  • Started out as Queen's Language Institute in 1980 with a clever logo based on the Union Jack, resembling a Q.
  • In 1987, our training center was given a name of “Al Bayan” because all names had to be in Arabic with new logo and colors.
  • Post 1980s, the name has changed into International Language Institute – having the same logo and colors.
  • In 2009, the name of our training center has changed once again to International Language Center marking a new age in educational training services.

10th International Education Show 2014

International Language Center at the 10th International Education Show 2014 

International Language Center took part at the four days International Education Show last year from January 29 until February 1. 

The International Education Show (IES) in Sharjah hosted a large delegation of universities and schools answering the strong growth in higher education that continues to provide students with a broader choice of courses every year producing a rise of 34 per cent rise of visitors in this 2014 event. 

Now on its 10th year, the four-day show has registered a 31 per cent rise in the number of exhibitors with nearly 150 institutions signing up for the event, including International Language Center at Stand No. 17. 

International Language Center made their presence known by providing active counseling to attendees regarding continuing education courses and international certification courses that could help boost their career. The promotion of our language, computer and business courses are at full gear offering promotions to lucky students. 

This roadshow also features 60 exhibitors from India that is taking part in the Great India Education Fair which is being held for the second consecutive year featuring international boarding schools, universities and colleges from India